Previous Charities Supported by BCCC

 EDSAF (Emerson Disabled Student Athlete Foundation)

EDSAF is dedicated to providing assistance to persons residing in the Borough of Emerson, Bergen County, New Jersey, who are attending or who attended a primary or secondary school in Emerson when such person became disabled and who now has a long term or permanent disability. The trustees of EDSAF will evaluate any request for benefits upon the submission of an application in light of the applicant’s perceived need and expected benefit of receiving the grant, taking into account EDSAF’s overall financial abilities and the expected number of applicants
In the summer of 2003, one of Emerson’s students was spending a day at the beach in Belmar, New Jersey. The young lady dove into the surf, hitting an unexpected sandbar with enough force to shatter one vertebra in her neck and fracture three others. This accident has left her paralyzed with limited use of her arms and hands and no movement in her fingers or legs, wheelchair bound for the rest of her life! Going into her senior year, she was the catcher and clean-up hitter on the high school softball team, never to play again. Concerned coaches, players, teachers, administrators, and people of the community banded together to form a non-profit, tax free charitable organization to help and support her and any other Emerson student in a similar predicament.

The Chip Ryen Fund

Richard “Chip” Ryen served with the Oradell Volunteer Fire Department for 19 years. Serving as both Fire Chief and as Department President. As a volunteer firefighter, Chip has dedicated countless hours to the protection of our community.

For much of 2006 and 2007, Chip fought cancer and was even able to return to firefighting duties for a brief period. However, he returned to the hospital early Christmas morning and was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor.

After 2 years of treatment, Richard “Chip” Ryen, succumbed to cancer at the age of 45. Chip has served with the Oradell Volunteer Fire Department for nearly two decades.

The Chip Ryen Fund was founded by the Reformed Church of Oradell and the Oradell Volunteer Fire Department to help the Ryen family overcome the tremendous obstacle of debt that was incurred during Chip’s illness and to help provide for the future of Chip’s family.

To give to this fund directly, please make all checks or money orders payable to The Reformed Church of Oradell and be sure to write Benevolent Fund Richard Ryen - Memorial Benefit on the memo line of your check.

Please send check or money order to:
The Ryen Fund
c/o The Reformed Church of Oradell
641 Church Street
Oradell, NJ 07649

CJ Personette Fund

On Labor Day weekend 2007, 14-year-old CJ Personette of Woodcliff Lake was involved in an accident with a car while riding his bicycle. He suffered head trauma and multiple broken bones.

CJ’s healing is miraculous since he wasn’t breathing and his jaws were smashed in from a 40 mph impact and in coma for many months.   His right arm and leg were paralyzed and the neurologist removed a softball sized piece of skull to relieve the pressure.   When CJ left Hackensack in late October 07 to go to Children’s hospital, PICU doctors didn’t expect much progress but Mom told the staff that one day CJ would return and would walk thru the PICU.
That day came on 12.31.08.  And the day before CJ had major head surgery to replace the piece of skull that saved his life. Regression occurs and there are setbacks lasting weeks or more.  When CJ awoke after surgery he smiled and said "Hi Mom, Hi Dad".   CJ’s face and eyes was totally clear and he had a big smile.   And his head was round again which CJ loved.  The next day Mom got CJ’s cane and walked him past the PICU nurses station. 
CJ has been going to Pascack Hills since late September 08 where he takes English, biology and art.  He received two A’s and B+.  After the break, CJ will be attending full time.

To make a donation directly to the fund, send checks payable to: CJ Personette Fund, to 51 Lincoln Blvd., Woodcliff Lake, NJ 07677.

The Friends of Philip Apreda 

The Friends of Philip Apreda Foundation is a charity put together for Phil’s family. Most importantly, our goal is to help his His children with their future education.  The foundation is a group of Phil’s childhood friends and teammates from Teaneck High School.  With Phil’s help, we formed a brotherhood, and that bond is stronger than life or death.  Our goal is to raise enough money to ensure that Phil’s children, our extended family, are able to continue their education as Phil would have wanted. 
In life, Phil touched many poeple.  With his passing, it is our time to continue the work that he started.
--The Friends of Philip Apreda

Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF)

The Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF) is the world’s largest charitable supporter of type 1 diabetes research, investing more than $150 million per year into the search to find a cure.

The JDRF Northern New Jersey Chapter is located in Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey, and is led by a group of determined volunteers with a single mission... to find a cure for type 1 diabetes and its complications through the support of research. Funds donated to this group are used to help those in our community, Bergen County and Rockland County, living with diabetes. They would help support our outreach efforts that include our Bag of Hope program, our Halloween party (in Bergen County), our annual picnic, our diabetes expo (in Bergen County), mentor programs and education events

JDRF-funded researchers have driven the advancement of day-to-day disease management tools and accelerated the pace of research through a focus on five clearly defined cure therapeutic pathways that offer the best hope for a cure.

Since our founding by parents with diabetes, JDRF has helped thousands of children and adults living with diabetes. In Bergen County, JDRF has partnered with Hackensack University Medical Center to provide support groups for families and children. We also have been able to distribute over 100 Bags of Hope to those families newly diagnosed with diabetes. We are dedicated to providing the support needed to help families cope with diabetes until we find a cure.

Philip Mazzo Sr. Memorial Foundation

The Philip Mazzo Sr. Memorial Foundation is a charity started in memory of Phil Mazzo Sr. An Emerson resident for more than 30 years, Phil was an active participant in Bergen County sports as a father, grandfather, spectator and volunteer. Right up to his sudden passing in 2007, Phil could be seen at area sporting events cheering for his kids, grandkids and local athletes as they competed in their respective events. Phil was a competitor and perfectionist in every thing he did, and this charity was created to allow the spirit and dedication that Phil demonstrated to live on in Bergen County youth who suffer from rare genetic disorders that limit their ability to participate in the sports that they love.

Charity Purpose:
The Philip Mazzo Sr. Memorial Foundation provides assistance to Bergen County Residents and Athletes who suffer from rare genetic disorders that limit their participation in the sports and activities that they love. Phil was a strong supporter of groups that helped young people get better diagnosis, visibility and treatment for these rare diseases. Because the population of people that are affected by these diseases is so small, the medical community is not able to justify the burden of cost on the much needed research that could help diagnose, treat and eventually cure many of the genetic disorders faced today. To help in this area, this charity provides funding to get these patients the treatment that they need and deserve. By donating to families in need and to unique organizations that are a voice to the world for these patients, the Philip Mazzo Sr. Memorial Foundation is providing hope for Bergen County residents for a disease free future.

The Philip Mazzo Sr. Memorial Foundation
30 Hartland - Emerson, NJ 07630

Samantha Rose Reverand Foundation

Samantha Rose Reverand passed away August 21, 2002 at the age of 9.  Samantha was an excellent athlete, a hard working student & a loving daughter.  In her memory, her family established The Samantha Rose Reverand Foundation. This foundation was set up to be a Sports/Arts/Academic based college scholarship award. The first awards will be given to the graduating class of 2011. All moneys donated to the fund will be awarded as college scholarships. The Samantha Rose Reverand Foundation would like to thank all involved for making this a successful program.
To make donations directly to the foundation, please mail them to:
The Samantha Rose Reverand Foundation
145 Woodland Rd.
Demarest, NJ 07627 

22K Foundation

22K Foundation is a charity started by a 12 year old boy, Alec Silverman. After he suffered a serious brain injury due to a collision with another player on the baseball field he wanted to reach out and help others. Alec now sends Curious George dolls to children in hospitals who have been injured badly while playing a sport or just being a kid. Also, he is reaching out to teach other athletes, along with their parents and coaches, the severity of a concussion and brain injury.

Why 22K and Curious George?
Alec chose to name his foundation 22K because 22 has always been his number while playing sports (except for the game he was injured). K is for strikeouts. Curious George is Alec’s favorite stuffed animal who spent all 5 long night with him in the hospital. (as well as many other nights!)

Your generous donations will enable Alec to purchase more Curious George stuffed animals and put a smile on many childrens faces.

Thank you!!

22K c/o Alec Silverman
7 Cricket Lane- Woodcliff Lake, NJ 07677

Heroes and Cool Kids

Mission Statement

"The goal of Heroes & Cool Kids is to promote pro-social behavior in students and to create a caring and disciplined school climate"

Heroes & Cool Kids, which began operating during the 1998-99 school year, is a not-for-profit organization based in New Jersey. The program utilizes the services of current and former professional athletes whose personal life experiences enable them to train high school student leaders.

The athletes train high school students to mentor middle school students on important life skills, including sportsmanship, conflict resolution and positive lifestyle choices highlighting drug, alcohol and tobacco prevention.

The program runs each school year from November until May.

Heroes & Cool Kids is currently implemented in nine counties around New Jersey. The athletes and high school students make three site visits to the middle schools each year.

To prepare, the high school students must complete three training conferences before mentoring the middle school students. These conferences are held at the Vonation (Vonage in Holmdel, NJ) and at Bergen Community College in Paramus.

Paramus Friendly Neighbors Funds

Paramus Friendly Neighbors Funds was founded to support needy residents of Paramus who are struggling with basic necessities such as food, heat, and water.  A donor may request funds to be used towards a particular individual or purpose.  There are no administrative costs involved.  100% of donations go to needy Paramus families. For a child to join Little League, the funds would be used for all related costs, such as sports equipment.

Meaningful Movement

 Meaningful Movement offers dance classes, such as wheelchair dance and musical choreography, to students with a variety of challenges, including autism, Down syndrome, spina bifida, cerebral palsy, muscular dystrophy, and other neurological and developmental issues. Classes are provided to assist the students both physically and socially. The students gain a better self-image through these classes, performances in front of audiences, and other activities. Speech and language skills are also enhanced as a variety of tools are used to help the non-verbal students to communicate (such as sign language and photo boards). The staff believes in each student’s ability to learn and grow.