Heroes and Cool Kids

"The goal of Heroes & Cool Kids is to promote pro-social behavior in students and to create a caring and disciplined school climate"

Heroes & Cool Kids, which began operating during the 1998-99 school year, is a not-for-profit organization based in New Jersey. The program utilizes the services of current and former professional athletes whose personal life experiences enable them to train high school student leaders.

The athletes train high school students to mentor middle school students on important life skills, including sportsmanship, conflict resolution and positive lifestyle choices highlighting drug, alcohol and tobacco prevention.

The program runs each school year from November until May.

Heroes & Cool Kids is currently implemented in nine counties around New Jersey. The athletes and high school students make three site visits to the middle schools each year.

To prepare, the high school students must complete three training conferences before mentoring the middle school students. These conferences are held at the Vonation (Vonage in Holmdel, NJ) and at Bergen Community College in Paramus.


The Philip Mazzo Sr. Memorial Foundation

The Philip Mazzo Sr. Memorial Foundation was started in memory of Philip Mazzo Sr. to allow the spirit and dedication that Phil demonstrated to live on in the Bergen County youth who suffer from rare genetic disorders that limit their ability to participate in the sports that they love.

The PMSM Foundation works to help families with children who have rare genetic disorders by providing monetary and voluntary assitance to improve areas of the children’s lifes that otherwise the family would not be able to afford.  The areas include, but are not limited to, transportation for medical purposes, purchasing new equipment / medical items and helping kids get access to top doctors in their respective disease states.


Samantha Rose Reverand Foundation

Samantha Rose Reverand passed away August 21, 2002 at the age of 9.  Samantha was an excellent athlete, a hard working student & a loving daughter.  In her memory, her family established The Samantha Rose Reverand Foundation. This foundation is set up to be a Sports/Arts/Academic/Need based college scholarship award. The first awards have been given to the graduating class of 2011. This scholarship will be awarded annually. All moneys donated to the fund will be awarded as college scholarships. The Samantha Rose Reverand Foundation would like to thank all involved for making this a successful program.
To make donations directly to the foundation, please mail them to:
The Samantha Rose Reverand Foundation
145 Woodland Rd.
Demarest, NJ 07627

D6 Challenger

The Little League Challenger Division was established in 1989 as a separate division of Little League to enable boys and girls with physical and mental challenges to enjoy the game of baseball along with the millions of other children who participate in this sport worldwide. 

Seven years ago, District 6 Administrator, Tom Marguccio determined that District 6 should establish a Challenger Division, to serve the children with special needs in our area of Bergen County. After a year-long effort to establish the Challenger Division by well-meaning volunteers failed, Tom was introduced to Ita Saldana, a member of the Edgewater Little League, herself, the mother of a child with Autism. Ita volunteered to help organize and set-up the Challenger Division.

Literally weeks after Ita’s involvement, the District 6 Challenger Division was established, children were registered and our weekly schedule of games began, using the Edgewater Little League field as our "Home" site.  Ita, became, and has remained, the District 6 Challenger Director.

This year, our Challenger Division was faced with a challenge of its own. The Edgewater Little League field — where all the District 6 Challenger games are played — was closed due to possible soil contamination, leaving us without a field to play on. The County field is available for us, but the fees would have made using the field prohibitive if not impossible, as we do not charge any fees for participation in our Challenger program, and rely on donations from a small list of sponsors, and the generosity of the Little Leagues within our District.

The BCCC heard about our problem through Dave Rueger of the Teaneck Southern Little League, and voted to give us a $5,000 donation to pay for the County field fees. The generosity of the BCCC literally saved our Challenger season.

The success of the District 6 Challenger Division is immeasurable. Not only do these amazing children get to learn and play baseball and share the joys of this wonderful sport, but many others benefit as well. Our "Buddies"— the kids who help the Challenger player bat, run the bases, and play defense — have learned a tremendous life-lesson and enjoy memories that will last a lifetime. The parents of our Challenger kids get to see their children play and interact with others, and share in the joy these games create. And the coaches and folks who man the refreshment stand — and all the other volunteers — realize they participate in a very special program, that provides them with a feeling of accomplishment and joy that is simply impossible to articulate.

From all of us at The District 6 Challenger Division, we wish to convey our our heartfelt thanks and endless appreciation to the BCCC for its generosity. Your organization has always been respected for its charitable efforts on behalf of student athletes and Bergen County youth sports. You now have a whole new legion of fans at The District 6 Challenger Division, and you have our undying and eternal gratitude.

D6 Challenger League
PO Box 366

Edgewater, NJ 07020


Rockland County Challenger Little League

The Challenger program provides children with disabilities the opportunity to play baseball in a fund and safe environment. 


TOPsoccer Program of Teneck Junior Soccer League (TJSL) 


TJSL was founded in December,1987, as a recreation-level youth sports organization with the goal to allow our children of Teaneck to enjoy the sport of soccer in a fun and safe environment. We have grown to where this past season we had 801 children playing recreation-level soccer while 150 played indoor soccer. TJSL is the biggest youth sports organization in Teaneck which brings all the various ethnic groups of our community together. But, even though our general youth recreation program was and is thriving, we recognized that we, as an organization, were missing one group in our town--those children with "special needs." Therefore, in 2011, we investigated how to get this population of children involved in our program. Through the Internet, we discovered the TOPSoccer program that in New Jersey is administered through the NJ Youth Soccer state office.We also discovered that we would be the only program in Bergen County with the next closest program in Mendham. We, therefore, joined up which including hosting a national certification course for coaches and buddies to learn how to deal with these players and their caregivers, be they parents, grandparents or others, and their siblings. In our first year we had nine (9) participants with twenty (buddies) and three (3) coaches.The program was a great success as will be described in part 3. With your Foundation’s help, we were able to increase our number of players to eleven (11), had thirty (30) buddies and three (3) coaches. The players in this year program had much more difficult to deal with disabilities than the children from last year’s program, although we, happily, had three repeaters (and two players from last year’s program was able to be "mainstreamed" into our recreation program). At the completion of this year’s program we were asked by the parents and players to expand to a semi-annual program which we plan on doing: the fall season outdoors and the winter season indoors. More information about our plans are in part 3.

To learn more, visit www.teanecksoccer.com